Building trust with our dedicated associates, our people and the most important thing, achieving customer satisfaction by putting customer’s priority. That way we build their trust to our company.

Continuous improvement in all aspects of our PT Primewood Indonesia, through unlimited creativity, applying up to date production technology, and making no compromise on product quality as well as customer service quality.

Leadership in facing the competition though trained human resources.
Primewood flooring has through a superior manufacturing process and through product testing. We offer you’re the best quality flooring at a value price and finishes suited to interior projects. Our flooring is made from tropical wood, therefore its resistant to water is five times more effective than other products.

Primewood flooring is consisted of special melamine impregnated overlay for high wear protection. Melamine impregnated décor paper. HDF (High Density Fiberwood) with Aqua Resist. It has a very high density. If required, we can put in Primewood Heating System for your comfort.

Our flooring has wide range of color and patterns that will indulge your interior with beauty. In the next page, you will find some of our best selling choices of colors.
To be world class enterprises providing best quality laminate flooring and interior decoration through continuous reinvestment in our valuable customers, our passionate people, our loving society and our spiritual being. To be developed company in Indonesia, that remains flexible to meet the needs of clients, and rapidly grow bigger in technology, superior design and production process