Laminate flooring is very durable and is designed for easy installation and low maintenance. Aptly described as a hassle-free floor covering material, it is very suitable for retail centres and homes.

Being very resistant to stains and scratches, laminate flooring is bound to last a long, long time. It requires very minimal effort in cleaning and maintenance. Among others, it has very good fire retardant properties and it does not emit toxic fumes in the event of a fire breakout, making it very safe as a floor covering material for both commercial and residential sites. Best of all, the choice of colours and designs is almost endless.

  1. Highly anti-abrasive protective overlay
    The anti-abrasive overlay consists of millions of aluminium oxide particles per square foot which act as the deterrent against scuff, scratches and wear. This is the 4th hardest material known to man.
  2. Melamine impregnated decorative film
    The decorative layer is impregnated with melamine resin and is available in various colours and designs.
  3. Superior water-resistant high density hardwood fibre (HDF)
    The high density fibre board is made from hardwood fibres compressed under high temperatures and high pressure. Hardwood is naturally resistant against moisture and humidity, thus its fibres are most suitable to be used as the core laminate flooring. That is what gives Novarloc its fantastic water-resistant capabilities. The HDF is of extremely high density (>850kg/m3), making it superior over other materials in hardness and shock resistance.
  4. Balancing film for dimensional stability
    The balancing film on the back surface balances up the board to provide it with good dimensional stability. Also impregnated with melamine resin, it is impenetrable by water, thus acting as a moisture barrier for the floor.
  5. State-of-the-art interlocking system
    Milled to perfection using high precision German machinery, this superb interlocking mechanism provides a strong and seamless joint therefore enchancing the floor durability, aesthethic and H2O resistant properties. Mechanical joint strength is as high as 6,800N (700kg/m)

In addition, laminate flooring can be laid directly on your existing floor, thus, it is unnecessary to spend more money hacking away the existing floor. Laminate flooring is also pre-finished for your total convenience. You do not have to sand or vanish it after installation, not even after years of usage. It will look as good as new, giving you years and years of convenience and comfort.